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All methods are sacred if they are internally necessary.

All methods are sins if they are not justified by internal necessity.

~ Wassily Kandinsky

"Happy Structure"

by Wassily Kandinsky

With financial strength being number one, the three next most highly valued attributes which increase the value of businesses are:

  • consistent profitability growth;
  • outstanding employees; and
  • strong competitive position.

Achieving these attributes and maintaining them each and every year is extremely difficult.  The effort often stretches available resources to the limit.

The path to increasing profitability can be a combination of: identifying and eliminating hidden costs; attracting new talent to launch a new line of products and/or services; and /or identify ways to generate recurring revenues.

Gallium provides solutions that will help you achieve your goals in less time.  We can also assist you with the implementation of those solutions.

Our Performance Advisory Services are grouped into three categories that target the key and most perplexing challenges facing growing companies.   

Profitability growth is one of the most highly valued attributes for business owners and prospective purchasers.

Many businesses embrace pricing policies and cost assumptions that worked at one time, but changing market conditions and new product and service offerings have undermined the validity of these long standing policies and assumptions.

We can help your company gain a competitive advantage by undertaking a detailed analysis of the key factors driving financial performance, such as pricing policies compared to competitors, the structure of fixed and variable costs within the business and margins compared to industry leaders.  When this is done by major product line it elicits a clearer picture of what you need to change to improve financial performance.

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of our professionals will enable you to sharpen your focus on revenue and expense factors leading to enhanced profitability and increase shareholder value, without imposing an extra burden on management.

A strong and effective management team, backed by a skilled and motivated workforce, is the next most desirable attribute increasing the value of a business.

No business will survive very long without the right people doing the right thing at the right time.  Yet many companies fail to develop and effectively manage their human capital to get the best from this vital investment.


We help your company get ahead of the curve by assessing your team’s skills and helping you ensure that you have the right people in place to compete in today’s challenging business world.  Having sound HR policies (performance management and appraisal, training and development) and ensuring that compensation and benefit programs are in tune with current market conditions will give your company a significant competitive advantage.

Gallium’s associates will provide the professional advice and assistance your company needs quickly and efficiently to optimize your human capital and  enhance the value of your business.

Businesses that have a strong competitive position are more valuable to shareholders and potential buyers.

They tend to have the following attributes:

  • strong customer relationships;
  • a high proportion of recurring revenues;
  • offer unique products or services;
  • operate in an industry that is growing faster than the general economy.

Businesses that find profitable growth more challenging tend to have:

  • reliance on only a few customers;
  • greater earnings volatility;
  • do not offer niche products or services;
  • relentless price competiition.

Gallium will help you develop and implement solutions to build a moat around your business, so that you can fend off competitors and thrive.