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"Unless you are prepared to give up something valuable

you will never be able to truly change at all,

because you'll be forever in the control of things you can't give up."

~ Andy Law

"Small Pleasures"

by Wassily Kandinsky

Throughout its existence every business encounters critical turning points that will significantly alter its strategic direction and the way it is organized and operates. 

This transformation could be triggered by an opportunity to gain market share through organic growth, or the possibility of acquiring a competitor, or a decision to sell all or part of the business, or the need to reorganize and restructure the business due to external financial conditions.  Regardless of the underlying reason, the business will experience a sequence of events that will disrupt the normal pattern of business and significantly impact its capital structure and financial performance.  If these transformations are not handled with skill and sensitivity they can have a profoundly negative effect on the performance and value of the business.

This is particularly so during the process of selling a business. To achieve the optimum selling price a key component is in creating a "Competitive Tension" between prospective acquirors.

To ascertain how sellable your business currently is, please take 13 minutes to complete a free confidential questionnaire click on the "Sellability Score" button below. You will immediately receive a Sellability Score out of 100, along with instructions for interpreting your results.

The principals of Gallium Corporate Finance can help guide your company through an acquisition, divestiture, restructuring or financial reorganization that will position the business to deal with the new reality.

We assist clients in the process of planning, undertaking/coordinating due diligence and in execution of the transactions on the best possible terms for our client.

This means "Crisis" in Chinese.

It is actually two symbols:

the one on the left represents "Danger" and

the one on the right "Opportunity".

Does this not also apply to business transitions whether they be the sale, acquisition or merger of a business or a management buyout transaction?

A decision to sell all or part of a business, whether through a succession plan or otherwise, is a major transition event. This complex and time consuming endevour inevitably impacts customers, suppliers, operations and employees. To minimize negative impacts, it is essential that transactions be properly planned, initiated, negotiated and closed efficiently and smoothly.

This process is essential to maximizing shareholder value. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to guide and assist you and your team through a critical transition event, thereby minimizing stress, costs and disruption.  Ensure that "Opportunity" rather than "Danger" is the result.

Our services includes the following:

Acquisition Finance Facilitation

Acquisition Search

Business Risk Assessments

Corporate Auction Process

Due Diligence

Industry Research, Financing/Information Memorandum Compilation

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestiture Facilitation & Negotiations

New Initiative & Alternative Strategy Evaluations

Pro-forma Statements & Projections

ROI & Pay-back Analysis

Strategic Partnering and Joint Ventures

Succession Planning


Opportunities can arise for management

to acquire a business

when the owner makes a strategic decision to divest.

We will advise you on the process of a "Management Buyout" and source the capital to support your bid.

Our process commences with a study to ensure that your proposed bid makes sense for you.

We undertake due diligence which will include an analysis of your markets, the competition and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats), and the assets and liabilities being acquired.

We value the business, a process that will assess the productivity improvements and cost reductions that may be feasible.

We structure the optimum financing and advise you on the approach to potential funders (which may include equity investors), to solicit their interest so that you can submit a bid with confidence.

We assist you in submitting your bid and negotiating the acquisition terms.

Our work is complete when the transaction and related funding is successfully closed.